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As a son of an Army officer, I was seldom in one location for more than a couple of years. This exposure to our world laid a great foundation and desire to experience new places. There was one aspect of this traveling which was always a concern until I was into my 20’s. It seems the U. S. Army felt it was better for me to be born next to Ft. Knox, rather than in my family hometown of San Antonio. Never let it be said my mother was not a stalwart Texan. My mother bless her soul, took a mason jar of San Antonio soil to put under the bed in which I was born. She claimed, “There was no way a child of hers was not going to be born on Texas soil”. Thank you, thank you, thank you (It’s a Texas thing).

Me on Pulpit Mountain
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For seventeen years I was a TV Cameraman involved in live, studio and field production.  Still photography began as a personal and private creative outlet.  This gift is an avenue for me to bring praise to the Lord. 

Me admiring a recently purchased Juri Martinez


I have a ranchita, (that is a small ranch for those not hableing) in central Texas where I breed and raise quarter horses. I love to hunt and fish
(what a quandary). A camera is not always convenient and there might be some negative Karma in the photography if I shot first with a camera and then with a bow.  Many years ago I was fishing early one morning at a Texas State Park.  On glassy water in my float tube, I witnessed a Bald Eagle swoop down and pick up a 2 lb white bass about seventy-five feet in front of me.  He even gave me a second look when he dropped it and came back to pick it up again!  I did not capture this image with film, but the image is permanently printed in my mind.  Many have not had the ability, or freedom to explore and enjoy the wild as have I and this is why I make my treasures available to you.

My Crew


the land of the free - because of the brave.

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